Whether you have thought about it before or not, you are running a race – The race of life. In this race, you determine if you will win or loose. Winning means that your aim is to be successful, triumphant, and conquering. You are running to win.

  • You are a conqueror!
    • You are unstoppable!
      • You are a winner!
        • Who said that you can’t?

To win in the race of life is not beyond you. You can conquer anything on this earth! You can win in your race.  You can overcome every challenge you may face. You possess limitless potential. You have undiscovered strength. You have the capacity of a winner. You have inbuilt determination. You have more in you than you realize. You can accomplish more than you ever thought.

You are on your way to discovering the treasure you are, and the giant that is inside of you. You are a seed. Don’t you know that within every seed there is a potential forest? You can run and win in that race; Do not think about the negatives anyone else feels or says, They may have some facts, but they do not have the truth. You have what it takes to make it. You will win! Believe it .You! Can, Yes You.

So think about WINNING … winning in your business, sport or in your life, remember life is like a race .The truth is , you can win without being first, and you can still loose coming out on top.

The real definition of WINNING is giving the best of YOU.

It is about overcoming yourself, your limitations, and your fears. Winning means surpassing yourself and turning your dreams into reality. Winning is not ego –oriented, it is task oriented. You can be far ahead of anyone else and still not win … but I know something about … YOU WIN.

You can run with determination on rough surfaces that will present themselves, You can arise after you fall, even if you encounter burses and battering. You will get out of life what you put in. Allow the jeering crowd to laugh, if they must, but in the face of that difficulty, push harder. Have your false starts, but quickly return to the starting line, the race is still on.

Winners were considered heroes. That is what you are. There is a hero inside of you, waiting to emerge. The forest is waiting to explode out of the seed. You can win!  You will win! You are winning. You’ve got it in you, don’t give up.

Position yourself, don’t look back, push to the finish line, You are a victor, a conqueror, with winning on your mind, So don’t give up, don’t you give in, step up, increase your pace, Whatever life may bring to you, you’ve got strength to win this race.

 I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength.