Dr. Pearl Glasgow is an ordained minister, author, parent engagement specialist motivational /empowerment speaker and life coach, who will motivate you to see your God-given potential, your undiscovered strength and your inbuilt determination. Dr. Glasgow has been doing presentations, holding workshops, conducting seminars and conferences both locally and internationally. This woman will equip you to win in your race of life, climb your highest mountain and survive the fiercest storms, as her Trilogy “You can, Yes you!” implies.

Dr. Glasgow has had over 39 years of experience working with institutions, communities, elementary & secondary schools, families, seniors, youths and churches. Dr. Glasgow also worked with over 4,000 at risk youths, collages, parents, students, and troubled marriages, women, men and children gatherings. At the library of Congress Dr. Glasgow studied over 100 Dissertations on At Risk youth behavior.

She is married to Rev. Clinton Glasgow, Pastor of World Impact International Ministries (USA) and has three children and three grandchildren.

Her educational background includes: Doctor of Philosophy degree, majoring in Educational Leadership. Doctor of Humane Letters (Honorary). She also hold a Master of Science degree in Planning and Development, a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Management, certificates in Public Administration, Geographic Information Systems, Human Settlements, Character Education, and a diploma in theology.

Win The Race

This book looks at how to overcome those obstacles often faced whilst running in the numerous races of life. Guiding principles are offered to successfully deal with those challenges including personal struggles, fear, low self-esteem and despair. … So don’t just run, Run to Win! Run for your healing, run for your marriage, run for your finances, run for your ministry, run for your deliverance, run for your miracle RUN for all that matters in your life. You can run, and yes you can WIN THE RACE.. YOU CAN, YES YOU!

Climb The Mountain

ASPIRE to reach the greatest heights of your success. Regardless of the mountainous challenges life presents. You do not have to be daunted by anything, which seem insurmountable. Climb with confidence. ADVANCE yourself with the necessary skills and the strategies outlined in this book for climbing life’s mountains, don’t be crippled by the fear of heights. It’s time to set out on your climb. Follow the steps laid out for the climb. YOU MUST MAKE IT TO THE TOP!

Survive The Storm

SURVIVE THE RAINS. In the many downpours of life, though soaked and saturated, learn to be steadfast in the midst of all uncertainty. Be patience, God has a plan to preserve you in a place of safety SURVIVE THE WINDS. In the many hurricanes of life, though wounded and bruised, learn that in the midst of the storm there is always peace. Pray again, God has a plan to get you out and set you on your way