Rev. Dr. Pearl Glasgow

Dr. Pearl Glasgow is an ordained minister, author, motivational or empowerment speaker and life coach, who will motivate you to see your God-given potential, your undiscovered strength and your inbuilt determination. Dr. Glasgow has been doing presentations, holding workshops, conducting seminars and conferences both locally and internationally. This woman will equip you to win in your race of life, climb your highest mountain and survive the fiercest storms, as her Trilogy “You can, Yes you!” implies.

Dr. Glasgow has had over 39 years of experience working with organizations, communities, schools, families, and churches. She has conducted several leadership workshops, organizational development sessions, and has motivated and changed the direction of many organizations. Dr. Glasgow is married to Rev. Clinton Glasgow, Pastor of World Impact International Ministries (USA) and has three children and three grandchildren.

Her educational background includes: Doctor of Philosophy degree, majoring in Educational Leadership. Doctor of Humane Letters (Honorary). She also hold a Master of Science degree in Planning and Development, a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Management, certificates in Public Administration, Geographic Information Systems, Human Settlements, Character Education, and a diploma in theology.

Speaking Engagements


Life’s an adventure

Pennsylvania, March 2014

Understanding you

New Jersey City July 2013

You Can, Yes You!

Philadelphia 2013

Making new decisions for winning

Brooklyn 2013

Birthing the seed within

Pennsylvania 2012

Win the race

Gravesend England 2012, Pennsylvania 2011

Ignite the flame

Pennsylvania 2010

Student Workshops and Conferences


Houghton College, Houghton N.Y June 2015

How to succeed

Public School 197, Brooklyn, NY June 2011

I am a winner

Urban Action Academy, Brooklyn, NY– August 2014

Maximizing your potential

San-Juan East Secondary school – Trinidad April 2012


Fyzabad Secondary, Trinidad, April 2012

Character First

Public School 197, Brooklyn, NY June 2013

Born to win PS 5- Your ‘I Can’, is bigger than your ‘ IQ’

Teens / YMCA, New York N.Y June 2014

Other Speaking Engagements

Eureka Moment - Skype conference, Company: Dare to be inspired - Caribbean top enterprise leaders

Trinidad, July 2013

Raising up leaders for the 21st century – WIIM leadership Institute

Brooklyn, N.Y 2013


National Library And Information System Authority ((NALIS) 1st Time Authors Award

April 2013

Certificate Of Special Congressional Recognition – In Recognition Of Outstanding And Invaluable Service To The Community

June 2013

Church Planter Recognition Certificate – Penn Jersey District Of The Wesleyan Church

June 2011

President Of Borough Of Brooklyn Marty Markowitz Award For Community Service

June 2013

Senator John L. Sampson Certificate In Recognition Of Service To The 19th Senatorial District

June 2013

Inter School / Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Of Trinidad And Tobago Certificate Of Recognition For Service To The Ministry Of IS/IVCF T&T As a ISCF Sponsor

May 1995

Drama Appearances

Down Town

August 1980

A Fugitive From God

July 1981

The Longest Rope Has An End

September 1979

The Wedding Date

February 1978


Life Of Pretense

July 1980

No Fig Leaves

August 1981

Who Am I

October 1981

Radio & Television Appearances

Recognizing, Motivating And Supporting Talent – Steel Pan Vibes, It’s More Than Music Radio Show, June 2013

Building The Successful Business Professional, TV 6 Trinidad, September 2014

CNC TV “Adopting A Winning Attitude”, July 2013

Maximizing Your Potential ‘You Can, Yes You” Channel 5, Rise And Shine Tobago, May 2015

All sessions are flexible and can be tailored to meet the need of the organization.

For further information I can be reached at 347-234-8346 or pearlglasgow@gmail.com

Dr. Pearl Glasgow is an amazing life coach. She has a remarkable ability to help you identify your goals, set priorities, and take action. Being an incredible listener, she ask the kinds of questions that stretch you out of your comfort zone, while providing the kind of accountability necessary for personal transformation. Having a life coach can change your life forever. Anyone who is committed to personal growth and development, I strongly recommend Dr. Pearl Glasgow.

Terry Winston – President of The New York Leadership Foundation

The trilogy “You Can, Yes You! have greatly impacted and influenced my life , and the people around me. I am totally impressed with the work of Dr. Pearl Glasgow. The power of affirmation that runs as a thread through the books serve as medicine to me. The pointing finger identifies “Me” and that makes it special.The days that I think I cannot do it , I run to those books. It has been incredible for me. Listen ! You need You can , Yes You! It will bring the YOU out of you.

Pastor Wilson – Delgado New Life Fellowship Center, Brooklyn N.Y.

Rev. Dr. Pearl Glasgow is truly an inspirational , empowering speaker. My colleagues and I at Houghton Collage N.Y can attest to that fact. We experienced this mighty woman of God guiding us through steps, to realize breakthrough in every aspect of our lives. Personally, Dr. Glasgow’s message resounded really well with me. After listening to her talk, I become more convinced of God’s plan for my success. Dr. Glasgow’s words of wisdom were truly very powerful. I am sure I will be reminded of her message as I go throughout different stages of my life. I pray that her message reaches others who are wanting breakthrough in their lives also.

Aichai Kuwong – Cameroon Africa. Student, Houghton Collage, N.Y

I used to say…Who, me?! I can’t do that! But according to Philippians 4:13, God says “You Can, Yes You!” That is the message of the God-inspired book series written by Rev. Dr. Pearl Glasgow, which is a very practical guide to help you move forward and realize your godly potential and purposes. It’s not about just telling yourself you can, but it’s about believing and trusting God and stretching out of your comfort zone to grow personally and spiritually, as stated in Dr. Glasgow’s trilogy. In addition to these wonderful books, I have learned so much and grown in amazing ways with Dr. Glasgow as my mentor . She is so in-tune with the Spirit of God and knows the right things to say . This woman challenges me by asking tough questions, but she gives the gift of belief with prayer support that is always Spirit-led . Dr Glasgow’s books and her coaching has been a tremendous blessing in my life!

Kimberly Rankens – Hope Corps Coordinator, World Hope International, Michigan

My journey with Dr Pearl Glasgow began some 43 years ago when she was positioned in my life as my Sunday School teacher…But she assumed the role of much more…Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Counsellor and Confidante, even back then, when my mom indicated that we could not go to Sunday School because “our hair was not combed”. Dr Glasgow did what was needed – she combed our hair… to satisfy my mom’s standard that we were “presentable enough” for Sunday School. Dr. Glasgow took a personal interest in leading me along the path that she passionately believed and lived. Even as I veered off-course on numerous occasions, her love for me never allowed her to desert me and so she loved me, even from a distance, constant, just like our heavenly father, sometimes far, yet so close. Read More Though the years have passed, Dr Glasgow’s love never waxed warm, her passion for my salvation and the wholeness of my soul only grew stronger. When she published the Series, You Can, Yes You – Win the race, Climb the Mountain, Survive the Storm, this was only a vehicle for transferring the care and love for others which she embodied. So inspired have I been by her publications, that I have purchased several copies and have given them as gifts to those I care about. Most recently I have shared it with my staff, reading excerpts and crafting competitions so that I can give copies as gifts to them. I can testify that Dr Glasgow’s love for me has propelled, comforted, and inspired me from “creeping” to “walking” and for this I am eternally grateful. I pray that she continues to shine her brilliant light through her genuine personality and her God-inspired publications – current and future!

Joycelyn Francois – – Chief Executive Officer, Employer’s Consultative Association, Trinidad